What is Information Security?

A Simple definition of Information Security
"the practice of being protected against the unauthorized access, use, inspection, modification, disruption, disclosure of information. Especially electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this." The term is shortened and is commonly known as InfoSec. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) are the core factors in information security. These factors should be kept intact when any kind of critical issue arrive within or externally to a secured system. Information Technology (IT) security specialists associate with holding these constrains in a given information system. Though paper based business operations still prevail in the field, emergence of IT into these operations are imminent and is creating a big impact with security towards Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information. The role of an IT security professional is a stable job in the current working environment. As of 2013 more than 80 percent o…

The life experience with different cultures and religions - Mr. Deepal Sooriarachchi

credits to - H.H.S.N.Haputhanthri
It was another Wednesday of another week. As usual we were seated in the prof. V.K. Samaranayake auditorium for another guest lecture, and after a while our coordinator Mr. Nandasara, came to the stage and announced the arrival of the guest lecturer. It wasn’t the guest we were hoping for, it was another person. Mr. Nandasara introduced him to us. He is a well-known figure in our country, Mr. Deepal Sooriarachchi. The introduction on him was brief as he didn’t need any kind of introduction per se.
The session began with his childhood memories, his school life and all the experiences he witnessed in his childhood like how he failed exams many times. He did not stop there. He told us about how he was determined to be successful to break through those tough barriers and failures he faced in his childhood. These experiences were very useful for us in the sense of gaining confidence and guidance when we face a situation similar to what he explained. Although…

Life Experience for Young Talent - Mr. Nisshanka Diddeniya

Music is the most powerful universal language in the world that can speak to emotions, feelings, moods of any person. Drama is also a similar field which is spread widely throughout the world. Combining these forces together ultimately creates a very powerful tool to the society. Talent and experience are key components in these areas. One aspect alone cannot exist for a person to get recognized. Hence, for young talent a proper guidance is essential to direct to the correct path. This is why the day’s topic is “Life experience for young talent”. Life experience can be used as a good guidance factor for rising talent in the world.First let me introduce our guest lecturer. Most of the people in the country know this name when it comes to music and drama. He is Mr. Nisshanka Diddeniya. An experienced person who is widely talented in both the fields. As young talents are key to a country’s future well-being, being aware of where you can go wrong and how to build up from mistakes are impo…

Drug and alcohol prevention

It was another Wednesday on the week’s calendar that took us to the Prof. V.K. Samaranayake Auditorium sharp at 8 for the Enhancement lecture. As always, we were eagerly waiting for the lecture to commence as Mr. S.T. Nandasara Approached the stage and introduced the guest lecturer for the day. I will start on the topic and the lecturer with a vague introduction since this topic is not alien to anyone in the present generation. The guest lecturer that came on stage was Mr. Pubudu Sumanasekara, Vice president of IOGT International and Executive Director of the Alcohol and Drug Information Center, better known as ADIC, in Sri Lanka. He was the perfect candidate to speak about the topic allocated for the day.Alcohol consumption increases as a whole around the world, and this has become a big problem in many countries, especially in Sri Lanka. There are many questions that revolve around this matter, and it has been many researchers’ main focuses to research on the usage of alcohol and o…

Team building activities to Improve Motivation

The topic of the day was ‘Team building activities to improve Motivation’. The guest lecturer/spokesman invited was perfect to deliver the lecture as his reputation precedes with honor, respect and courage. Let me set an abstract before we go into the topic.

Sri Lanka being a victim of war for a period of 30 long years. The words war, violence and death are not new for the locals. The hardships, countless losses, sacrifices of the soldiers made it possible for Sri Lanka to end the war and get back up again as a free nation. So, a war hero can be identified as a pillar of success in real life. The guest lecturer for the day, Lieutenant Commander Kamila Perera is a such hero that survived through many attacks against the LTTE and lived to tell the tale. The vast experience he carries was well utilized by him during the lecture.

Team building is a key aspect in a military force to ensure a mission is carried out as planned. The tactics, practices, precision are all well trained into soldier…

Appreciation - Towards creativity through real enjoyment

It was another Wednesday on the 17th of October, 2018. We all went into the Vidya Jyothi Prof. V.K. Samaranayake Auditorium as the Enhancement lecture was about to begin. We were excitedly awaiting the arrival of a famous character of the country. Emeritus Mr. Jayalal Rohana was the guest lecturer for the day. A well-known character in the broadcasting industry. The Topic for the day, "Towards creativity through real enjoyment", was based around appreciation. His charismatic personality was more than adequate to provide us with a good knowledge on the relevant topic of the day. He started getting into the topic step by step by including a lot of humor and life stories of his, and this made the audience get involved in the lecture rather than other lectures. The base of the lecture was well set with diverse stories he came up with and even though it was humor, there was a deep learning in all of them if you look back for a moment.

Music is a universal language that speaks to…

"Positive thinking" - changing your thoughts for a better life